DesignKayaks Endless Large

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Danish designed sea kayak - one of the fastest plastic kayaks on the market. Endless in large size fits very well to medium size paddlers. The kayak is long, narrow and created on an ultra fast bottom shape with inspiration from the surf ski kayaks. This kayak is very easy to manoeuvre. 


- 3 layers plastic
- 2 large oval hatches
- day hatch behind the cockpit
- ergonomic, very comfortable seat in fiberglass with cushion
- adjustable backrest with cushion
- padded thigh supports
- adjustable pedal system
- Kajak Sport Skeg System 4
- fiberglass-reinforced deck fittings
- 5 mm UV stable elastics
- 6 mm stainless steel bolts
- UV-resistant graphics

Endless is created for every paddler who wants to develop skills and loves adventure. The kayak has both a low front and rear deck, which makes it minimally affected by wind and extremely directional stability. With the long waterline and the small rocker, you get one of the fastest plastic kayaks on the market. Endless is created to offer the intermediate and experienced paddlers comfortable, well-maneuverable and robust long-distance kayak at a competitive price.

The ergonomic carbon seat in Endless combined with an extra padded backrest that you can adjust while sitting in the kayak. It ensures you optimal comfort in the cockpit and the opportunity to tighten up in the back, which is often necessary when you need to spend many hours in the kayak. Endless is a very easy kayak to learn eskimo roll and develop your personal kayaking skills.

Color combinations:

  • Spring Green + Petrol hatch
  • Blue Ocean + Green hatch
  • Orange Horizon + Petrol hatch
  • Purple Dune + Orange hatch
  • Red Ruby + Turqouise hatch
  • Stormy Grey + Orange hatch

DesignKayaks Endless Large size:

  • Optimal for paddlers: up to 120 kg / 210 cm
  • Material: 3-layer polyethylene
  • Length: 530 cm
  • Width: 52 cm
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Cockpit: 79×43 cm
  • Skeg

Extra options/accessories:

  • Rudder
  • Day box
  • Rescue system