Prijon Excursion Evo Tandem

A high quality tandem kayak perfect for short paddling on rivers and lakes as well as overnight tours with camping.
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Prijon Excursion Evo is a perfect kayak for short paddling on lakes and rivers as well as overnight tours. There is plenty of cargo space so you can easily pack your camping gear but this kayaks works as well for paddling around the cottage with the children.

This kayak has very high degree of safety due to its high overall volume. HTP material demonstrates its superiority by providing Excursion Evo with a very stiff boat hull. The kayak is delivered with Prijon’s Luxury rudder as standard. Prijon is German manufacturer of kayaks known for great durability and comfort. 

The price includes Prijon Luxus rudder.

Prijon Excursion Evo equipment:

  • Touring seating system with comfortable padding
  • Adjustable backrest and seat 
  • 3D Touring thigh support (adjustable in three dimensions)
  • Slider foot rest (individually adjustable)
  • Two waterproof spaces with neoprene / PE hatches
  • Elastic line in front (e.g. for bilge pump)
  • Day box within reach in front of the back cockpit 
  • Tire line for attachment of bags and pockets
  • Anti-theft device

Prijon Excursion Evo specification:

  • Optimal for paddlers: 70-110 kg
  • Material: HTP
  • Length: 518 cm
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Volume: 250 kg
  • Cockpit: 90×45 cm
  • Rudder