Stora boken om kajakpaddling

The book covers everything you need to know about sea kayaking, regardless of your experience. Recommended literature for kayak courses and examinations for sea kayaking paddle pass.
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This is the most comprehensive book on kayaking ever published in Swedish. The book covers everything you need to know, regardless of whether you have just bought a kayak, are planning a winter trip or want to get started with kayaking.

The big book about kayaking is recommended literature for kayak courses and examinations for sea kayaking paddle pass. The paddle pass is the Swedish Canoe Federation's version of EPP (European paddle pass). The book is also recommended as literature for future examiners and sea kayakers.

The book content:

KAYAK EQUIPMENT - Tips, advices and facts about the kayak, paddle, safety equipment and clothing for different conditions.

TOUR PADDING - Packed with packing lists, tips for the camping trip, cooking during different seasons and paddling with children.

PADDLE TECHNIQUE - Over 60 illustrated paddle techniques.

NAVIGATION - Find the right one using maps and charts. Learn to take a course with a compass and do a triangulation.

SAFETY - Seaway rules, weather forecasts, sea rescue and other things that make your paddle trip safe.

RESCUE AND TOWING - Rescueing and towing, regardless of whether you are at beginner level or doing expeditions.

KAYAK ROLLS - Eight illustrated rolles and how to roll in waves or surf.

WINTER - Clothing, risks, rescue and outdoor gear for the winter paddlers. Useful tips for your first winter trip.

WIND AND WAVES - The paddle techniques in previous chapters familiar with the context: paddling in high seas, surfing and between rocks.

The author Staffan Ekholm has over 25 years of experience in kayaking, of which 20 years as a kayak instructor. Staffan has previously produced the kayak film, written the kayak handbook and the guidebook about paddling in the Stockholm archipelago, which was awarded the Swedish Publishing Prize in 2007.